Fitting Tip: Is My Toilet Round or Elongated?

All of the bidet seats in our store come in two sizes – round and elongated.  You should order a bidet that matches your toilet, e.g., order an elongated bidet seat if you have an elongated toilet.  Click on the for the “Will a Bidet seat fit my toilet?” link… read more

Princess’s “Toilet Seat” Hat Worn at Royal Wedding Sells for $131,000

For those of you who watched the Royal Wedding last month, you may have noticed the assortment of hats worn by the guests at the wedding.  Some of the hats were pretty astonishing, but there was one hat in particular that we found quite amusing – a hat shaped like… read more

Update from 2011 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show Held in Las Vegas

Some of our bidetsPLUS staff had a chance to attend the 2011 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) held in Las Vegas this past week, April 26 – 28.  If you’ve never been, it’s the largest collection of cabinets, sinks, showers and toilets concentrated all under one roof.  While there… read more

Kohler Releases $6,400 Numi Toilet Bidet – Really?

Kohler announced the launch of their Numi toilet bidet.  You can get one for $6,400.  Read more here: Are they serious?  Granted, Kohler’s new product is an integrated bidet-and-toilet-in-one, but give us a break.  $6,400?!  At bidetsPLUS you can get a bidet toilet seat that easily attaches to your… read more

Bidets Are More Hygienic, Visit bidetsPLUS

Bidets are more hygienic than the use of paper.  Water cleansing is more effective and there is less chance of  spreading bacteria. The bidet’s gentle, cleansing stream of water provides relief to people suffering from the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids, child birth and to those recovering from surgery. For more… read more

The Bidet Experience For The First Time User

There are a few features noted when using a modern electronic bidet for the first time. The first obvious one is the water wash, much more soothing and natural than using paper. The second is the warmed seat, which can be surprising but relaxing!  Third, with only a touch of a… read more

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