New Infographic on Bidet Seats vs. Toilet Paper

Americans consume over 9 million trees annually in the form of toilet paper. Not only is this expensive in the terms of how much you pay, but it is taxing on our forests and our planet. Because bidet seats use water to wash you after using the restroom,… read more

This Holiday Season Take Care of You

During the holiday season, most of us are very focused on the other people in our lives. We’re buying gifts for the kids and other loved ones in our families.… read more

The Holidays Are Upon Us

There are many advantages to providing a bidet. A bidet seat is a viable alternative to a toilet paper donation during the holidays.… read more

The Positive Environmental Impact of Using a Bidet

Using a bidet is a lot better than going through roll after roll of toilet paper. In addition to the environmental benefits you’ll also be spending less on toilet paper.… read more

Shhhh… Let’s Talk About Bidets!

Why don’t more Americans use bidets?  It’s an age-old question and you’re not the first to ask.  If you travel outside of North America, you’ll quickly realize bidets are the norm in other parts of the world.  When washing your hands, you use water right?  We don’t clean our dishes… read more

Toilet Paper Goes Green by Losing Cardboard Tube

Scott Naturals toilet paper features toilet paper without the cardboard tube. … read more

5 Things to Know When Buying a Bidet Seat

You're interested in getting a new bidet seat, but not sure where to start. Well you're in luck! Here are the 5 Things you should keep in mind when purchasing a bidet toilet seat.… read more

Consumer Reports Tests Toilet Paper, Sheds Light on Long-Term Costs

On average, Americans use 46 sheets of toilet paper per day according to Kimberly-Clark, the consumer corporation that makes several brands of bath tissue as well as other paper products.… read more

Bidet Seats Featured On ABC News

A few months ago, we blogged about an article in The Wall Street Journal that discussed the proliferation of bidet seats in luxury homes. This month, ABC News featured an article on the rising popularity of electronic bidet seats. … read more

Cold Weather Brings Cold Toilet Seats, Unless You Have a Bidet!

The heated toilet seat feature is undoubtedly one of the most popular features of our bidets. Seat temperature is completely adjustable via the use of the remote control (or attached control panel, depending on the model). … read more

Bidet Seats Featured in The Wall Street Journal

Yes – bidet seats are becoming more popular in America.  These new high-tech toilet seats convert your existing toilet into a bidet, and even include a warm air dryer and heated toilet seat.  They are especially convenient in American homes since traditional “basin-type” bidets require extra real estate in your… read more

bidetsPLUS Releases Seven New YouTube Videos

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video must speak a million!  bidetsPLUS is pleased to announce our release of seven new YouTube videos to assist with your bidet seat research.  Given that you’re about to spend $500+ for a new bidet toilet seat, it’s important to know… read more

bidetsPLUS Customer Blogs About Her Bidet

One of our customers, Cally Graham, ordered a bidet from us last year and loved it so much she decided to write about it on her blog.  Her blog is called “From My Hearth to Yours” and you can find her blog post about us here: That’s a picture… read more

bidetsPLUS Featured in Article from Hive Health

The article makes a few points we couldn't agree more with, like how bidets are more sanitary and clean. How it can be a hands-free experience, and how bidets are eco-friendly as well being that they reduce paper waste (toilet paper) and save trees.… read more

Use a Bidet, Like the Rest of the Planet

At bidetsPLUS, we get a lot of calls from folks who have just come back from an overseas trip.  Mind you – they’re not calling to tell us how good the food was or what they did at the top of the Eiffel Tower.  Comments like, “I was traveling in… read more

bidetsPLUS Taps Social Media to Broaden Reach

You hear about it everywhere these days.  Social media has become a part of our daily lives and is a powerful way to communicate, educate, and learn about varying topics of interest.  Whether it’s keeping tabs with your friends on Facebook or following your favorite professional athletes on Twitter, the… read more

Aquarium Toilets Bring New Life to Your Bathroom – Literally!

At bidetsPLUS, we like to consider ourselves to be on top of new bathroom technology – especially when it comes to toilets and toilet-related technology.  But we stumbled across something today that even got us by surprise – Aquarium Toilets! Yes – those are real, living fish you see there. … read more

NYC Hotel Offers Bidet Seats in Every Room

With the growing popularity of bidet seats in the United States, savvy travelers are busy checking hotel FAQ sheets to see if their rooms come equipped with the latest in bathroom tech.  Hotel Kitano New York – located in Midtown Manahattan, is the latest hotel to upgrade their rooms to… read more

The Hidden Costs of Toilet Paper

Did you know that worldwide, 27,000 trees are consumed in toilet paper form every day?  27,000 trees a day, just on toilet paper!  That is an amazing statistic we found in this video which analyzes the use of toilet paper in today’s society.  The video is called, “Hidden Costs of… read more

Sitting On A Freezing Toilet Seat?

Winter time is here.  That means you’ve pulled your jackets, sweaters, and scarves out of the closet.  It means you appreciate that hot cup of Joe just a little bit more.  And it also means that your sitting on a ice cold toilet seat in the morning.  Ack!  We gotta… read more

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