We Need to Stop Flushing Trash in our Toilets

Bidet toilet seats would totally eliminate the need for adults to use wet wipes and flush them down the toilet.… read more

Save Space in Your Bathroom Upgrade

When it comes to bathroom upgrades, homeowners wrestle with how to maximize a limited space. But according to one remodeling expert, one smart way is to update with a bidet toilet seat.… read more

Future-Proof Your Bathroom With a Bidet Seat

Companies are investing a lot of money is in home technology, and bidet seats are the wave of the bathroom future!… read more

Author’s Prized Possession? Her Bidet!

After showing off some of her works of art, Blume introduced the interviewer to her “greatest luxury: an electronic bidet toilet seat” installed in her bathroom. … read more

Bidet Seats Featured in Los Angeles Times

It was great to see a story about bidet seats featured in the Los Angeles Times. The article highlights some of the benefits of using our products.… read more

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest

The 12th annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest took place last month at the Haven Rooftop at the Sanctuary Hotel in New York.… read more

How Bidets Can Help Seniors and the Disabled

A bidet seat is a simple way to help those with physically-limiting issues by offering a hands-free cleaning option. … read more

3 Reasons to Start Using a Bidet

There are many reasons to choose to get a bidet seat. They help improve health and hygiene, they help the environment by reducing toilet paper use, and can save you money.… read more

Adding Some Elegance to the Porta-Potty

A company in Urbana, Illinois, is changing what a portable toilet experience can be with their luxury portable restroom.… read more

5 Things to Know Before Buying a Bidet Seat

With the experience we've gained speaking to people just like you, we wanted to publish 5 Things to Know Before Buying a Bidet Seat… read more

World’s Most Spectacular Toilets

Some of the toilets included are in chic and modern bathrooms with artistic flair like the dizzying black and white design reminiscent of the Twilight Zone.… read more

Eat Right, Exercise More and Use a Bidet!

While it may not be as obvious as going to the gym, installing a bidet is a great way to take better care of your body.… read more

Oscars Gift Bag Includes $275 Toilet Paper

This luxury toilet paper for the stars, is manufactured by Swiss company, Joseph's Toiletries. But you can forego the $275 toilet paper and use water instead!… read more

U.S. News & World Report: Bidets Are Gaining Popularity in the U.S.

With the advent of the modern electronic bidet seat, it's now much easier for Americans to put a bidet in their home.… read more

A Bidet’s Warmed Toilet Seat for Winter

Did you know that a bidet seat includes a heated toilet seat? It's true! It's like the heated seats they have in those high-end cars. Seat temperature is adjustable too.… read more

Bidet Toilet Seats Featured in NY Times

North Americans have been a little slower in embracing the bidet concept. This is principally due to the lack of awareness of bidets in America.… read more

Toilet Museum Opens in Japan

At the TOTO Museum, visitors will find displays highlighting bathrooms from different eras. Besides toilets, you'll find faucets and other plumbing hardware.… read more

9.1 Million Trees Used to Supply the U.S. Toilet Paper Market

Because our products use water to cleanse you after using the restroom, toilet paper becomes used strictly for drying purposes to help with excess moisture after your wash. A bidet seat can reduce toilet paper consumption by 75% or more.… read more

bidetsPLUS Featured in Good Magazine

bidetsPLUS was recently featured in Good Magazine. The author of the Good article is very enthusiastic about the superiority of using a bidet seats.… read more

bidetsPLUS Launches All-New Redesigned Website

bidetsPLUS is pleased to announce we have launched our all-new, totally redesigned website.… read more

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