World’s Most Spectacular Toilets

Spectacular Toilets

Even in the most remote corners of the world, intrepid travelers can now find a familiar signpost of modern necessity with a recently released list of the world’s most spectacular toilets as compiled by the travel guide publisher Lonely Planet.  According to a recent CNN article, the book entitled “Toilets: A Spotter’s Guide” is a photo-filled guide that gathers over 100 of the world’s most unique toilets in its 128 pages.

Some of the toilets included are in chic and modern bathrooms with artistic flair like the dizzying black and white design reminiscent of the Twilight Zone at the Standard Grill’s restroom in Manhattan.  Many are isolated outposts with grand sweeping views that have sprouted up in the middle of nowhere.  Need to take a bathroom break while ascending a world-renowned mountain?  Pop into the toilets at a camp site on Mount Kilimanjaro, but be careful: the back of the small shack housing the toilets stands precipitously at the edge of a cliff with a drop off of just under three miles!  If that’s not high enough for you, there’s an outhouse surrounded by snow in the Himalayan Mountains at an elevation of over four miles!  Now that’s a bathroom where the users will wish they had a bidet with a heated seat!

Other highlighted loos include a small outhouse structure on an otherwise uninhabited desert island just off the coast of Belize.  There is also a row of five “comfort toilets” in a small brightly painted outbuilding in Tunisia right by the location used to film desert scenes in “Star Wars.” And to contrast several of the lone outhouse toilets on the list, they also include an artist’s “flushing” fountain made from 10,000 toilets in the self-proclaimed ceramic capital of the world in Foshan, China.

While creating a massive toilet fountain or putting an outhouse on a desert island are certainly deserving of inclusion on a list of spectacular toilets, we here at bidetsPLUS think an easier way to make your toilet spectacular is by adding a bidet seat.  You can check out our many great electric bidet seats and be on your way to joining the list of the world’s most spectacular toilets!

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