World’s Fanciest Toilets Being Featured at Modern San Francisco Showroom

Fancy Toilet ShowroomHigh tech toilets are currently in the limelight at a San Francisco showroom recently opened by Japanese toilet and bidet seat manufacturer TOTO.  A recent article from the Bay area ABC news affiliate visited the showroom which allows visitors to try the smart toilets, which are of course in their own private restrooms.  While toilets with bidet seats, are commonly found in public restrooms in Japan and in about 80% of Japanese homes, these tech-savvy toilets are still in the early stages of catching on in the US.  The showroom is a way for Americans to familiarize themselves with the bathroom trend that has become the norm in many parts of the world.

They are planning to have events for the public like tea and sake tastings in the showroom space.  And with the food and drink spread, visitors can eventually try out the modern commodes at their leisure.  With features like heated seats, self-cleaning functions, and of course built-in bidet washing technology, a TOTO spokesperson for the showroom likened the experience to visiting a spa.

The various high-end toilets in the space do come with high-end price tags running from about $1,500 up to $5,000.  Though as the article points out, the bidet features will help save money on toilet paper.  Luckily you don’t need to visit the TOTO showroom in San Francisco to enjoy the perks of a fully featured smart toilet.  You can convert your existing toilet into a high tech cleaning machine by installing an electric bidet seat.  It’s easier than changing out your whole toilet, plus it’s a lot more cost effective.  We have top models like TOTO S350e and the Bio Bidet BB  2000 as well as many other great options.  With one of our washlets in your home, you can turn your bathroom into your own spa-like retreat!

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