Bidet Seat Water Filters – What they are and do you really need them?

You’ve probably noticed that we include two free carbon water filters with the purchase of any bidet seat in our store.  But what exactly do these water filters do, and should you be using them?

These water filters are external filters which connect to the hose line running to your bidet toilet seat.  The water filter has threaded openings on both ends – a female end and a male end.  You simply connect the female end of the water filter towards the water source.  Then, the male end of the water filter connects to your bidet hose – the other end of this hose connects to the bidet.

Simply put – the water runs thru the water filter before it runs into your bidet.

Now, inside your bidet seat there are a series of more hoses, water reservoirs, and other parts where water runs through.  For example, your bidet routes water from the tap and through the internal water heating system, then out the spray outlet found at the tip of the wash nozzle.  Using clean, filtered water helps keep this system clean and free of sediment build-up.  A good comparison would be to look through an old pipe when a building is re-doing their plumbing.  You can see the sediment build-up inside the walls of the pipe – sometimes, there’s so much build-up you wonder how the water got through there!  Similarly, using a water filter will help prevent this type of build-up within the internal parts of your bidet toilet seat.

So should you use a water filter with your bidet seat?  Yes.  We generally recommend that you do as it can extend the life of your bidet.  Of course there are exceptions like if your house is on a separate filtration system, where your whole house has filtered water.  But since most people don’t have their entire house set up on filtration, we would say you go ahead and use the filters that come with your shipment.  Besides, they’re free!  So you might as well use them.

We recommend you replace your water filter every six months.  We include two filters with any bidet seat purchase, so that’s basically a year’s supply.  And if you want to order more you can purchase them “a la carte” thru our website as well.

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