What a $10,000 Toilet Looks Like

bidet toilet seatHave an extra $10,000 laying around?  Well if you do, you can update your throne to a new TOTO Neorest 750H.  This toilet from the future features things like his/her bidet wash, heated seat, warm air dry, an air purifying system, among other features.  There’s a built-in night light too.  And how do you operate all these features?  With the wireless remote control of course!

And no, we’re not joking.  It really costs $10,000 (well, $10,200) but who’s counting?  You can read more about this wonder toilet in this article from Business Insider.

But if you don’t have that kind of money too spend, you can get a nearly identical functionality with your current toilet.  How?  By getting a bidet toilet seat!  Bidet toilet seats run from about $400 – $800, and attach right on top of your existing toilet.  Designed for “DIY” (Do it Yoursefl) installation – just remove your existing toilet seat, and put down your bidet seat.  Bidet toilet seats have a water heater built right in to the seat, so all you need to do is tap into the existing cold water supply behind your toilet.  No additional plumbing required!  These seats do require electricity however, so you will need to plug the unit into the wall.

In addition to the luxe features you’ll enjoy by installing a bidet seat in your home, did you know that bidet seats are eco-friendly too?  Because bidets use water to wash you – toilet paper becomes used more for drying purposes, and this can reduce toilet paper use by 75%.  And if you use the warm air dry feature of the bidet, then you can reduce your toilet paper consumption completely.  Our bidetsPLUS Bidet Seat Infographic shows more about how getting a bidet seat can help the environment.  It really is staggering how many trees are cut down for toilet paper every year.

Check out our comparison chart to help identify the right model for you.  And with our 30 Day Risk Free Trial, you can try a bidet seat in your home and if you don’t like it, you can send it back for a full refund.  So what are you waiting for?  Experience what it’s like to live like the stars.  Upgrade your toilet to a $10,000 toilet today!



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