We Need to Stop Flushing Trash in our Toilets

stop flushing trash in toiletMany of us have used wet wipes or baby wipes when changing a baby’s diaper.  Although you would ideally take your child to the bathroom and give him a good rinse in the bathtub, sometimes that’s not possible when you’re out shopping or dining with your family.  And because they have some added moisture, wet wipes are a lot more effective at cleaning your baby than dry paper.

Well it turns out that adults love their wet wipes too.  Over the last few years, wet wipe manufacturers have expanded their product lines to include wet wipes specifically for adults.  Why?  Because wet wipes clean more gently and effectively than dry toilet paper.  And while we’re not surprised by this latest trend, the problem is people are flushing their wet wipes down the toilet and this is wreaking havoc on local sewer systems.

Attn:, a media company that focuses on issue-driven content (www.attn.com) recently released a video about the damages caused by flushing all this non-degradable material into our sewers.  You can see this video here:  We Need to Stop Flushing Trash Down our Toilets.

One of the main problems is that the wet wipe manufacturers advertise them as being flushable.  But they are not, as they are made of thicker material than toilet paper and do not dissolve like toilet paper does.  In the video, there’s actually a sewage technician who states, “I have never seen one dissolved.”  And according to a New York Times article, New York City has spent over $18 million over the past five years, on damaged sewer equipment and water treatment facilities caused by wet wipes in our sewer systems.

At bidetsPLUS, we totally understand people’s desires for wanting a gentler and more effective way to clean themselves after using the restroom.  Obviously, we advocate the use of bidet toilet seats which clean you with a stream of water instead of paper.  It’s like a specialized shower for your bum!  Bidet toilet seats would totally eliminate the need for adults to use wet wipes and flush them down the toilet.  Moreover – you’ll find that toilet paper use gets drastically reduced (by 75% or more) since toilet paper is used more for drying purposes once you have a bidet seat.  You’re just using a few squares to dab off moisture from your wash.

With many people becoming more environmentally conscious in their choices these days, installing a bidet toilet seat is a smart move environmentally in addition to being more hygienic than wet wipes or toilet paper.  Take advantage of the bidetsPLUS 30 Day Trial Program, and try a bidet seat in your home risk-free.  We promise that you’ll discover a more comfortable and more hygienic toileting experience that’s better for you, and for our environment.

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