Watch a Video Testimonial from a Real Life bidetsPLUS Customer

bidetsPLUS is pleased to announce that one of our very own customers has prepared a Video Testimonial so we can share it with you. Brittany purchased her bidet seat and was so delighted with her purchase and shopping experience that she sent us a kind e-mail expressing her thanks. We asked if she could prepare a quick video for us (holding our breath)… and she said yes!  So, without further adieu:



You can find her testimonial video, including written testimonials from other customers, here:  Bidet Seat Testimonials.  And in case you prefer to read what she had to say, here is a full transcription of her comments below.

“I decided to get a bidet seat actually from traveling to Europe – was the first time I encountered a bidet and of course at first, it was a little unusual and I was unsure of it but once I used it I really liked it. I liked it for the cleanliness and it was just much better than the toilet – using toilet paper, and once I got back to the U.S. I started researching buying my own, and I discovered that it’s much more eco-friendly and I’m very interested in that so that was a big turning point for me to change to a bidet seat.

I chose to purchase my bidet seat because the site was extremely informative. There were a lot of really good videos and articles that gave me a lot of information to make my choice. Another thing was the options. They had a lot of really great options on the site, more so than I had seen on other sites, and the pricing was very competitive – which is always good. Another great thing is free shipping and two free water filters, which really adds up so that was a big selling point for me when choosing my bidet seat. It was an easy choice at the end of the day,

The installation was great. It was very fast – it was less than 30 minutes. My husband actually installed it and it took him very little time which, if you know my husband, is pretty surprising – he’s not the most mechanical and I didn’t expect it to be as easy as it was and for him not to have any issues and he didn’t. He installed it pretty easily and I pretty much think anybody could do it.

I love my new bidet seat. I’m really, really happy with it. One of my favorite things are the extra features. For example, there’s a heated seat and the water can be heated and there’s a sanitize feature which I really like and it just made me like it even more. It’s very comfortable – the seat’s very comfortable. And another big thing is – it looks just like a toilet – it doesn’t look different, it doesn’t look like the old bidets that you’ve seen. It just looks like a regular toilet. And another huge thing is the money that I’ve saved on toilet paper. You would be shocked to think of how much you’re actually spending and that’s just a great way to save money and do something good for the environment so I really love my bidet seat.”


A BIG Thank You to Brittany for preparing your Video Testimonial for our bidet seat audience.  We’re so happy to hear your enjoying your bidet seat.  Please let us know how we can assist you down the road!

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