Use a Bidet, Like the Rest of the Planet

At bidetsPLUS, we get a lot of calls from folks who have just come back from an overseas trip.  Mind you – they’re not calling to tell us how good the food was or what they did at the top of the Eiffel Tower.  Comments like, “I was traveling in Italy and tried a bidet for my first time…” are common things we hear.

It’s amazing to us that the United States is so far ahead of the rest of the world in most technological areas, yet the simple concept of washing with water after using the restroom is so mystifying.  But did you know that in the rest of the modern world, bidets are everywhere?  Italy, France, Spain, England, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru…   the list goes on and on.

Bring up the “bidet” to an American, and they’ll look at you funny.  But if you had an Italian guest over at your house, and told her she had to use dry paper after using the restroom – she would look at YOU funny.

Why are Americans so different than the rest of the planet when it comes to bathroom hygiene?  At bidetsPLUS, we’ve had a long time to think about it and we think it comes down to a couple things:

ONE – In this country we are taught to use toilet paper from the time we are potty-trained at 1 or 2 years old.  We don’t think about it, it’s just the way we are taught – automatically.  We are conditioned this way since childhood.  So as we grow into adolescence and into an adult, we don’t know any better.  It’s just the way we always did it.  To us, it’s the only way we know.

TWO – Culturally, going to the bathroom is a very private thing that we keep to ourselves and prefer not to talk about.  For some, it’s even embarrassing to bring up the fact you have to go to the bathroom (women especially).  But in other countries, going to the bathroom is not viewed this way at all.  Going to the bathroom is a natural, human thing.  What’s all the hush-hush about?

So when you put both ONE and TWO together – we don’t know any better, and we’re afraid to talk about it.

BUT HERE’S THE TRUTH:  Water is more effective at cleaning your body than dry paper.  When you want to clean your face for example, would you just grab a piece of dry paper and start rubbing your face with it?  Of course not, that would be totally dumb.  Right?

So why do you use dry, abrasive paper to clean the most sensitive part of your body?  It makes absolutely no sense.  Why do you do that?  See points ONE and TWO above.

Okay, I get it!  But are there any other reasons to get a bidet?  Here are a few:

  • Water is soothing to the touch.  Toilet paper is abrasive, and often contains perfumes which can cause further irritation.
  • Since modern bidet seats attach to your existing toilet, they don’t take up additional space in your bathroom.  Just take off your toilet seat and attach your bidet seat.
  • Nozzle spray position is fully adjustable.  You can adjust the water temperature, and water pressure too.
  • The popular heated toilet seat is a “must-have” in the winter.  No more sitting on freezing seats!
  • Bidets are eco-friendly.  Because you’re using water to clean yourself, paper waste is drastically reduced which is better for our planet.

Thanks for stopping by today.  To learn more about the modern bidet toilet seat, visit for our informative bidet articles, tutorials and videos.  And help increase awareness of bidets in America!  Bidets are awesome and just better.  Cheers!

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