10 Things You Didn’t Know a Bidet Seat Could Do

At bidetsPLUS, we talk to customers daily about all the features a modern electronic bidet seat has to offer.  Yes – water is more effective at cleaning you than toilet paper, and it’s also more comforting since toilet paper can be irritating and abrasive (did you know that toilet paper is often treated with perfumes, and bleached to make it white in color?).  But while everyone understands the benefits of washing with water, a lot of folks aren’t as familiar with the “extra benefits” that come with owning a bidet toilet seat.  So let’s go over these benefits, so you can learn about them too:


  1. Bidet seats are equipped with a heated toilet seat.  A great feature to have during the cold winter months. Seat temperature settings are adjustable and, you can turn this feature off as well.
  2. Bidet seats have a soft-closing seat and lid – no more slamming toilet seats!
  3. Bidet seats have a seat sensor so it knows when you’re sitting on it.  This is a safety feature so you don’t mistakenly spray water outside the toilet.  Moreover, this is how your bidet knows when to go to sleep (similar to how your computer goes to sleep).
  4. A water heater is built inside the bidet seat.  All it needs is the existing cold water supply that refills your toilet when you flush.  No additional plumbing is required.
  5. Water pressure can be adjusted.  You can adjust the water pressure by using the bidet’s control panel (or remote control).
  6. Wash nozzle position can be adjusted to best suit your body.  At the touch of a button, move the nozzle position backwards or forwards until it feels just right.
  7. Bidet seats have automatic self-cleaning wash nozzles, which rinses the nozzles before and after each use.
  8. Most bidet seats (the higher-end models in our store) come equipped with a built-in air deodorizer.  This helps filter unwanted bathroom odor.
  9. Because no additional plumbing is needed, bidet seats are designed for “Do It Yourself” installation and take about 30 minutes to install.  It’s mostly just unscrewing hoses, and re-attaching them.
  10. And lastly…  a bidet seat can help reduce paper waste – which is better for our planet.


We hope you learned more about the bidet seat by reading this blog-post.  Visit www.bidetsPLUS.com to learn more about what a bidet seat can do for you.  With an extensive article base and video library, bidetsPLUS is proud to host the finest bidet content available anywhere on the web.

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