Top 10 Reasons To Get a Bidet Seat

Everybody loves a good Top 10 list.  So here at bidetsPLUS, we thought we’d produce one of our own.  Are you on the fence on whether or not you should get a bidet seat?  Well, this list is for you!  So without further adieu, here are our Top 10 Reasons to Get a Bidet Seat:


10.  Water is more effective at cleaning you than dry paper.  What a minute…  you knew that already.

9.   OK then…  did you know that toilet paper is bleached to make it white in color and often contain perfumes and other chemicals that cause irritation?  Pure water is simply a more soothing and comfortable way to clean.

8.   Bidet seats have a soft-closing seat and lid – no more slamming toilet seats!

7.   Since a bidet seat attaches to your existing toilet, it doesn’t take up any additional space in your bathroom.  There’s no additional plumbing either.  The bidet seat taps into the same water supply that refills your toilet every time you flush.  We include a T-Connection “splitter” with your shipment that splits the water so it runs to both your toilet and your bidet.  That’s it.

6.   There’s a built-in water heater in the bidet seat.  So you can adjust the water temperature to a comfortable setting.  You can adjust the water pressure too.

5.   Bidet seats have a seat sensor so it knows when you’re sitting on it.  This is a safety feature so water doesn’t accidentally spray outside the toilet.  This is also how your bidet knows when to go to sleep (just like how a computer goes to sleep).

4.   Since people come in different shapes and sizes, the position of the water spray can be adjusted to best suit your body.  Use the bidet’s control panel (or remote control) to position the wash nozzles until it feels right for you.

3.   Because no additional plumbing is required, you can install a bidet seat yourself!  These seats are designed for “Do It Yourself” installation, and take about 30 minutes.  Watch our How To Install a Bidet Video to see how easy it is.

2.   Bidet seats are equipped with a heated toilet seat.  A “must-have” feature during the cold winter months, seat temperature settings are completely adjustable.  In the summer months, simply turn this feature off.

1.   And last but not least…  a bidet seat reduces (toilet) paper waste – which is better for our planet.


We hope you enjoyed our list and found it helpful.  At bidetsPLUS, we truly believe that everybody should use a bidet – it’s why we started our company!  You’ve probably seen during your travels that there is an international preference for bidets all over the globe.  North Americans have been a little late catching on, but adoption in the States is rising now as more and more Americans learn about this incredible product.  Discover what people are learning about the bidet seat.  Visit today!



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