Tokyo Airport Upgrades with “Design Restrooms”

tokyo narita airport bidet toilet seatDespite the allure of the duty free shop, the first stop for many weary travelers deboarding from a long flight is most often the restroom. Anyone who has navigated a cramped and crowded airport restroom with a suitcase in tow knows it’s not always a convenient or relaxing experience. But an airport in Japan is turning that first pit stop into a relaxing oasis sure to leave travelers feeling refreshed after their flight.

A recent article reports that Narita Airport is renovating 11 of the airport’s busiest restrooms with a variety of amenities and upgrades to the usual airport bathroom. The airport, located in Chiba Prefecture about 40 miles east of Tokyo, plans to complete the first phase of restroom upgrades next year and the second phase will be complete by March of 2020, in time for the Olympics being held in Tokyo later that year. In addition to aesthetic changes to brighten the appearance of the restrooms, there will also be more room added so passengers can comfortably bring their luggage into the stalls, more space for freshening up and doing make up, and a total of 147 electronic bidet seats will be added to the toilets. Two of the restrooms being updated are in the international arrival area which they expect to be even busier than usual during the Olympic and the Paralympic games in August 2020.

The local government in the Chiba prefecture which is located on the eastern outskirts of Tokyo is also upgrading temporary toilets for some construction sites. The improved temporary toilets will have flushing function unlike the current Portapotty type of temporary toilets. While Japan is well-known for its affinity for high tech toilets, you don’t need to hop on a jet for Tokyo to experience the spa-like features of a bidet toilet seat. Check out comparison chart and add an easy-to-install unit to your own bathroom without the jet lag!

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