Toilets from the Future are Here Today

bidet toilet seatRemember when you were a kid and daydreamed of what the future would be like?  Scenes from “The Jetsons” come to mind – with floating homes, flying cars, and robot maids.  In the future, your 3rd grader uses his jetpack to get to school, and your home’s food replicator makes a snack for him when he gets home.  TVs use holograms instead of flat images, and high tech showers come equipped with insta-dryers so you don’t have to towel off.

Although many of us are still waiting for these advanced technologies to develop, you don’t have to be George Jetson to enjoy the toilet of the future.  Because it’s already here!  A recent local news article, Toilets of the Future are Here Today, highlights some of the features available in today’s high-tech toilets.  And the list of features is impressive.  Master plumber Ed Del Grande, who has been in the plumbing business for 40 years, is featured in the article saying, “if you told me that electronics and plumbing would mix, I would have thought you’re crazy.”

But that’s exactly where we are with toilet technology today.  These days – you can buy an attachable bidet seat which can be installed on to any toilet, making your toilet a smart toilet.  Approach your toilet and the lid will raise automatically.  Sit down and feel the warmed toilet seat beneath you.  Use the wireless remote control to activate a temperature-controlled warm water wash, and even oscillate and pulsate the water stream.  When done washing, the warm air dryer helps with any residual moisture.  Then the automatic air deodorizer kicks in and filters your bathroom air thru an activated carbon filter.  Walk away and the lid closes automatically behind you.

These smart toilet features may seem like something from the future, but hundreds of thousands of Americans are experiencing them today.  And you can too.  Take advantage of the bidetsPLUS 30 Day Trial Program where you can try a bidet seat in your home risk free for 30 days.  It’ll add some modernity to your bathroom, while providing a more hygienic and cleaner toileting experience at the same time.

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