Toilet Seat Artist

toilet seat artistIf you are installing a new bidet seat in your bathroom and are wondering what to do with your old toilet seat LID, perhaps Barney Smith will take it off your hands.  The 96-year-old Texas native uses old lids for his art, and as he explains in a recent article, he has been at it for quite a while.

“I’ve been doing artwork on toilet seats for 70 years,” Smith says in the article.  He got his start almost by accident, as he was searching for some kind of shield to mount deer antlers when he came across an old toilet seat lid, and his artistic fires were stoked.  Some of his pieces he has painted using the lids as another artist would use a traditional canvas. Others he has adorned with various objects like the antlers.  They are all genuinely as unique as the artist who created them.  Now 70 years after his first seat, Smith has amassed the largest “artistic toilet seat” collection in the world with over 1,000 pieces.

Mr. Smith accumulated toilet seat covers while working as a plumber. He also received seats from fellow plumbers, and a plumbing supply store once gifted him with 50 seat covers.  He keeps his art at a roadside stand near San Antonio, but he is hoping to find a more permanent home for his folk art in a museum.  He hopes to keep his large collection together rather than sell them individually.  So if you are in the San Antonio area, you may want to drop by his makeshift garage museum so you can meet the artist before the collection finds its way to a more traditional museum home.

While Barney Smith is a prodigious folk artist with old seat covers, today’s bidet seat manufacturers are doing their best impression of modern artists with the sleek designs of many electric bidets.  You can peruse our own modern collection of seats on our products page if you are looking to do an update to your bathroom.  Then perhaps you can take some inspiration from Barney Smith and try your hand at doing some art of your own!

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