Toilet Paper for your Smart Phone?

toilet paper for smart phoneWith all of the communication, information and entertainment smart phones provide, it is understandable that we want to take good care of these high tech devices.  And an airport in Japan is taking that care to another level with their smart phone “toilet paper” available in their restrooms.

According to a recent article on CNN, Narita International Airport in Tokyo has installed dispensers filled with disinfecting wipes for smart phones to encourage travelers to clean their phones which can carry more types of bacteria than a toilet seat.  The dispensers are located in 86 airport restrooms next to toilet paper dispensers and can be safely flushed down the toilet after use.  The telecom company NTT Docomo which launched the phone wipes campaign also created a video for visitors about bathroom hygiene in Japan including tips on using a bidet seat.

Japan is known for its advanced toilets and bidet seats, so it makes sense that the country on the leading edge of bathroom hygiene technology is helping folks clean their smart phones.  While most people think of toilet seats as being unclean, the article notes there are about five times as many germs on your phone screen than your toilet seat.  With those numbers, it won’t be surprising if phone wipes become popular well beyond Narita International Airport!

Another common find in Japanese bathrooms – the bidet toilet seat – has steadily grown in popularity in the US over the past several years and that growth is projected to continue.  While today’s electric bidet toilet seats may not be able to check e-mail or play your favorite television show like your smart phone, they are packed with other fantastic features.  Many models have a heated toilet seat, warm air dryer, continuous warm water, and self-cleaning wash nozzles among other cool functions.  If you’re interested in finding out more about the available features, you can check out our bidet comparison chart for more details.  And with the money you save by cutting back on toilet paper by using a bidet, you can get a few rolls of smart phone wipes to stay clean and high tech across all fronts!

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