Toilet Museum Opens in Japan

toilet museum 350x197A new museum has opened in Japan, and unlike a lot of museums you will have absolutely no problem finding the nearest toilet.  That’s because the museum is devoted to the history of the toilet.

The Toto Museum, named after the toilet manufacturer that operates it, opened in August 2015 in Kitakyushu, Japan.  Visitors will find displays highlighting bathrooms from different eras, from early primitive commodes to high-tech lavatories of tomorrow.  Besides toilets, there are displays exhibiting plumbing equipment, faucets and other hardware.  The museum also has a replica of the first bidet toilet seat that Toto manufactured.

Japan is known for its technologically advanced toilets and omnipresent bidet seats.  It is estimated that 76% of households in the country have one or more electronic bidet seats installed.  The government has even brought up the country’s high-tech hygiene as a selling point for tourism in anticipation of the 2020 Olympics which will be held in Tokyo.

The toilet museum offers free admission and houses three exhibition rooms as well as a special exhibition room for changing displays throughout the year and a library.  There is also of course a museum gift shop, but you can save yourself a trip to Japan and peruse our selection of modern units here at bidetsPLUS!

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