Tips for Choosing a Great Toilet

toilet with bidetWhether you are in the midst of a home renovation or going through a new construction build, everyone knows that bathrooms along with the kitchen are the key areas to making your house into a great home. And having a great bathroom means having a great toilet. That’s why a recent article on Tech Guru Daily took a moment to mention five quick tips and recommendations for readers to consider when choosing a toilet for their bathroom.

One thing to note before choosing a toilet is the space in your bathroom. Some bathrooms are large and spacious, while others are more compact. Take note of how much area you have available so you know how much room you have to work with. And while you are considering the space in your bathroom for the toilet, another tip is to coordinate the color with the rest of the features in the bathroom. White and other light colors are the most popular for toilets and bathrooms in general.

As far as features go, the first thing the article mentions is having bidet functions for your toilet. As the article states, having a bidet is “absolutely worth it,” thanks to the effective cleaning that leaves you feeling fresh and sanitary. A few toilets come with bidet seats integrated as part of the toilet, and you can also add a bidet toilet seat to just about any toilet very easily. Most bidets like the electric models we carry at bidetsPLUS also have the other feature the article recommends: a seat warmer. It may not seem like a big deal during the summer, but having the heated seat during cold winter mornings will be well worth it, especially in more northerly areas.

The fifth tip they offer is of course having a budget it mind. One way you can save money is by adding a bidet seat to the toilet of your choice rather than getting a more expensive integrated toilet and bidet combo unit. We have several different seats for different budgets so you can find the best model for your needs. But if you are looking for an all-in-one integrated unit, the Bio Bidet IB 835 is a well-designed model at a great price compared with other integrated models.

One final tip we would offer up is to talk to an expert if you’re having trouble making a decision. So if you have any questions about a bidet, you can contact the experts here at bidetsPLUS and we’ll be happy to answer your questions so you can get the bathroom of your dreams!

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