This Holiday Season Take Care of You

This Holiday For YouSelling a bidet seat isn’t the only thing this blog is about. Selling products that truly make the world a better place is an honor and a privilege, but we would like to go beyond that.  During the holiday season, most of us are focused on the other people in our lives. We’re buying gifts for the kids and other loved ones.  We’re sacrificing ourselves for the greater good to remember what it’s like to make others happy.

I’m going to take some time right now to encourage you to do something else – to think about yourself. I don’t mean that in the Ebenezer Scrooge type of way, but more in a way that (hopefully) inspires you to be self-reflective about your own body and your personal needs.

Often times we get so wrapped up in the busy bustle of the day-to-day that we forget to sit down and take a rest. This is absolutely true during the holidays. Think about it – how much shopping, gift wrapping, running around and spending money for other people have you done?

Ask yourself this question – are you doing what your body, mind and soul need to truly take care of yourself? Not just around the holidays, but every day – are you giving yourself the time you need to heal and take optimum care of your body?  The truth is, most of us aren’t. So I’d like to recommend a few things – personal treats, if you will – that don’t have to cost a lot of money and that can be life-changing.

Take a Rest

How often are you able to stop in the middle of the day to do something you like to do? On your lunch break, do you find yourself feverishly planning the rest of your day?

Taking 20 minutes in the middle of the day to lie down and rest wherever you can has been a life changing experience for many people. Decluttering our minds will declutter our lives, and that’s the truth. Taking time to rest, to meditate and quiet the mind is something you deserve.

Consider Optimum Health

I’m not just talking about what you’re eating, but those little things in life that add up. We’re bathroom specialists – we sell something that shapes the way people use the bathroom and gives them a much more pleasant, gratifying and cleaner experience.

Consider a bidet seat for your home – not just because it’s affordable or desirable, but because it’s good for you. Taking the time to give yourself an experience you’ll carry with you the rest of the day is worth it. Trust me – there’s no feeling like being nice and clean and getting rid of the habit of toilet paper.

Buying Yourself a Nice Gift

We’re not just talking a one-time purchase like a bidet seat – either buy yourself something small and nice this holiday, take yourself to dinner – or better yet, ask the special person in your life for exactly what you want.

Life is too short to forget about your own health and experiences in favor of others.  It’s not about being selfish – it’s about giving yourself the tools needed to be your best you. You’re worth it!

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