The Positive Environmental Impact of Using a Bidet

bidet seats save toilet paper and treesUsing a bidet is vastly superior to going through roll after roll of toilet paper. The feedback we get from people who buy our products affirms this time and time again. One word we hear in much of our feedback is gentle. We also hear money-saving a good bit – and finally, less wasteful. So, how can use of a bidet seat help save the environment – and save you some money in the process?

Our Relationship With Toilet Paper

We all know the feeling of looking over at an empty roll at the worst possible time to realize a beloved family member hasn’t replaced the toilet paper. There’s also that trip to the store to stock up on toilet paper once you realize no one’s bothered to mention you’re almost out. As our family size increases over the years – and our bathroom habits change as we age – families often find themselves buying the huge economy pack rather than a smaller four-roll pack.

Let’s think about it – the average American uses 23.6 rolls of toilet paper per year(1).  If you’re buying that much toilet paper, you could be spending more than $100 a year on toilet paper depending on the size of your family.

How Do We Stop the Over-consumption?

One way to reduce the amount of toilet paper we use is obviously to just use less. However, if it’s such an obvious solution, why aren’t we doing it? Well, we don’t conserve toilet paper because, compared with other household items, it’s cheap and seems like an expendable resource to us (that is, until we run out!)

Most of us don’t really have cause to think about how much toilet paper we consume. This is true of many resources we use on a daily basis including water and electricity. Since there’s really nothing worse than going through your day feeling like your body isn’t clean, it’s almost instinctive for some people to grab a handful of paper each time they go – even if they don’t really need that much paper. In short, we’re overdoing it.

Fortunately here’s a simple solution to all this – a bidet seat. Are you still going to need to buy toilet paper? Yes – but with the use of a bidet seat, you’ll consume a much lower amount of toilet paper over time.  With a bidet – toilet paper is used more for drying purposes, so there’s no need to grab that second, third or even fourth handful of paper you don’t need.

When you make the decision to use a bidet seat in your household, your family could save a lot of trees over the course of your lifetime.  In addition to the environmental benefits you’ll also be spending so much less on toilet paper – and we could all go without more of those late night trips to the store!

Trying out a bidet seat in your home is certainly worth the positive effect on the environment – and its use will pay for itself in the money you save on toilet paper.



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