The Holidays Are Upon Us

happy-holidays 300x200The holidays are upon us. There’s no better time to give, really – from clothing to food items to financial donations, it’s important for all of us to think about how we can better benefit our communities as a whole.

When it comes to donating items, over the holidays many people forget about regular household items such as cleaning supplies or toilet paper. Fortunately, there are organizations who donate several thousand dollars worth of regular household items to families in need.  Maybe there’s a better alternative.

Providing a Better Solution

Toilet paper can be expensive – even the cheap kind adds up over time.  So here’s an idea – what about using a bidet?  There’s no better way to save on paper than to essentially reduce its use to nothing. Imagine donating a bidet for those in need so they don’t have to continuously spend money on toilet paper. There are many advantages to providing a bidet.  Some of these include:

  • Less water wasted. It actually takes more water to create toilet paper than it does to use a bidet. Fewer toilet paper donations and purchases means less water used in the whole process.
  • More sanitary trips to the bathroom. Water is soothing and makes for a better clean.
  • Affordable. Since bidet seats fit right on top of your existing toilet, it’s a simple addition to any home.  No additional plumbing is needed.  The bidet taps into the existing water supply right behind the toilet.
  • Medical use. Embarrassing medical problems or conditions can be aggravated by the use of toilet paper. A bidet is a nice, comfortable treat for those with medical conditions which makes using the bathroom a more pleasant experience.
  • Water works well for children. Getting clean can be an issue for kids. But even children understand the concept of using water to clean themselves.

A bidet donation can go a long way – in fact, bidet seats are known to last for years and years. With great warranties, superior materials and high quality manufacturing, a bidet seat is a viable alternative to toilet paper donations during the holidays. It’s time the bidet seat becomes a common item in American homes – and families under stress deserve the cleansing, fresh experience.


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