The Dawn of a New Bidet

bidet seatMost of the visitors on our website are looking for their first bidet.  Although – being that bidets have been around for over 100 years, we wouldn’t exactly call them early adopters.  But for whatever reason, something has got them started researching bidets.  Perhaps they tried one while traveling overseas.  Maybe a relative won’t stop raving about the bidet she just got.  Whatever the reason, these folks have decided it’s the dawn of a new bidet!

So what should a first-timer look for?  Well first, you should take a couple measurements of your toilet so we know what we’re working with.  Here is our fitting chart so you can see which bidet seats work with your toilet.  Some bidets are compatible with more types of toilets than others.  Also – toilets come in two sizes, elongated or round.  Our fitting chart will help you order the correct bidet size which matches your toilet.

Once you’ve got your measurements done, it’s time to look at features.  Our comparison chart helps you quickly identify which features are available with each of our seats.  For example, perhaps you’re looking for a seat with the most water volume.  According to our comparison chart, you can see that the Bio Bidet BB 2000 outputs 0.7 liters per minute vs. the 0.5 liters of most other models.  Need a bidet where you can sit on the lid?  Take a look at the Brondell series seats like the Brondell Swash 1400 which has a sturdy lid you can sit on.

Both of these models are covered under our bidetsPLUS 30 Day Trial Program, so you can go ahead and install them in your home and give them a try.  Bidet seats are cleaner, more hygienic, more comfortable, and also eco-friendly because they reduce toilet paper usage by 75% or more.  Experience all these benefits of owning a bidet seat and pretty soon you’ll be raving about it to all your friends and relatives too!

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