Smart Gadgets for Your Bathroom

smart gadgets for bathroomInnovative new gadgets equipped with the latest technology can be found everywhere you look these days, and that includes the bathroom.  Of course, we here at bidetsPLUS  are sure you would agree that the pinnacle of such devices is the electronic bidet toilet seat!  Given our love and expertise in bidet seats that will turn a regular toilet into a “smart toilet,” we are always interested in learning about other smart gadgets for the bathroom. That’s why a recent USA Today article caught our attention as it mentions several new-fangled gizmos designed to modernize your bathroom.

If you enjoy singing along to your favorite songs in the shower, there are a couple of gadgets that may pique your interest.  A new bathroom fan from Home Netwerks comes with a night light and speaker that can play music from your smart phone.  You can also sync up your music library from your phone to a new shower head from Kohler that also has a built-in speaker.  Just be careful of dancing in the shower!

Other noted items include a color-changing night light which is designed to detect home alarms, such as smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms, and send a message to your smart phone in case an alarm sounds.   Another phone-syncing device is an electric toothbrush which has an app for your phone that lets you know any spots you may be missing when brushing your teeth.  For those who use fitness trackers, there is the Weight Gurus Smart Scale.  Besides your weight, this scale can measure body fat, water weight, body mass index and, of course, connect with your fitness tracker so help users keep on track with fitness and weight goals.

A lot of people have seen the Roomba devices that clean your carpet, and now there is the iRobot Braava which is specifically made for sweeping and mopping bathroom tile floors so you don’t have to worry about mopping your bathroom the old fashioned way.  There is also a digital shower controller which lets you select the water temperature and duration of your shower.  And of course, smart toilets like our electric bidet toilet seats will make using the bathroom a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable experience.

You can check out our great selection of smart bidets and get started converting your own bathroom into a modern sanctuary of cleanliness and comfort!

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