Shhhh… Let’s Talk About Bidets!

bidet seatWhy don’t more Americans use bidets?  It’s an age-old question and you’re not the first to ask.  If you travel outside of North America, you’ll quickly realize bidets are the norm in other parts of the world.  When washing your hands, you use water right?  We don’t clean our dishes using just dry paper either.  Water is the universal solvent.  So using water to clean yourself after using the bathroom does make a lot of sense.  In fact – it actually makes for a cleaner and more hygienic experience.

There have been several theories why westerners aren’t fond of the bidet.  Some have to do with age-old rumors about British-turned-American soldiers seeing the French bidets for instance – and back then the British were opposed to anything French!  Or perhaps it’s because toilet paper manufacturers have been so successful marketing their product, effectively conditioning Americans that using dry abrasive paper is the best way to clean yourself.  But the main problem is that most of us don’t understand how bidets work or the technology that’s available.  It’s the lack of education.  For instance:

  • Nothing touches you except water.
  • You can adjust the water temperature, so there’s no shock of cold water.
  • Water pressure is adjustable too – some people like a stronger spray, some people prefer milder.
  • There is a warm air dryer built into the seat to help with residual moisture after washing.
  • Bidet toilet seats attach right on top for your existing toilet.  These attachments are safe, easy to use,  and much cheaper than traditional bidets which sit next to the toilet.

Modern bidet seats come with other handy features too.  Like a heated toilet seat which is a comfort during the cold winter months.  A convenient night light so you don’t have to blind yourself turning the lights on in the middle of the night.  And some of the higher-end bidets even have an automatic opening seat and lid – a body sensor detects when you’re approaching the toilet and opens the lid and/or seat for you.  When you walk away, the bidet automatically closes the lid/seat for you too.

So if you’re an American who’s bidet-scared, have no fear!  Bidet use is not harmful or painful in any way, and is actually quite pleasant.  The bottom line is water cleans you better than dry paper.  And not only that, but water is a lot more comfortable too.  Toilet paper can be abrasive and is often treated with chemicals and perfumes which cause irritation.  With bidet seats and attachments available, it’s easy to upgrade to a cleaner, more hygienic bathroom experience.

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