Princess’s “Toilet Seat” Hat Worn at Royal Wedding Sells for $131,000

For those of you who watched the Royal Wedding last month, you may have noticed the assortment of hats worn by the guests at the wedding.  Some of the hats were pretty astonishing, but there was one hat in particular that we found quite amusing – a hat shaped like a toilet seat!  The hat was worn by Prince William’s cousin, Princess Beatrice of York – the eldest daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York.  To see a picture/video of this one-of-a kind hat, click on the following link:

Given that all of us here at bidetsPLUS are into toilet accessories, we found Princess Beatrice’s hat to be totally awesome!  What’s even more amazing than the hat itself however, is the fact it was auctioned on eBay for $131,000!  (bidetsPLUS was sadly not the winner).  Proceeds of the sale will go to charity.

We thought we’d kick off this week’s blog with this entertaining story.  We hope you got a laugh out of it like we did.  Remember – if you’re looking for a bidet toilet seat, visit bidetsPLUS to check out our selection of industry-leading bidet seats.  We currently have a special promotion on the Bio Bidet BB-1000, so stop by to get the details.  And who knows…  maybe you’ll see a hat shaped like a bidet toilet seat on our site too!

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