Patriots’ QB Tom Brady’s Bidet Toilet Seat is Envy of Locker Room

Tom Brady, the New England Patriots’ Quarterback and three time Super Bowl Champion, has joined the growing number of Americans who have installed a bidet seat in their home.  You can read the full article available at here:  Tom Brady’s Bidet Seat

Seems as though Tom Brady had some teammates over to try it out.  Wes Welker, Tom’s favorite target at Wide Receiver (122 receptions, 1,569 receiving yards during the 2011 season), was quoted:  “I don’t know, sometimes I just want to go over to his house and use the restroom…  He lives a good life.”  Not to mention that Tom’s wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, lives the good life too.

But here’s where it gets good for you (and Wes):  you don’t have to be named Tom or Gisele to enjoy a bidet toilet seat.  The bidet seats in our store start from just $399 (w/ free shipping) so you can be living in style too.  Installation takes minutes and because there’s a water heater inside the bidet seat, all it needs is a cold water connection – no additional plumbing is necessary.

So visit today and find out what Tom, Gisele and Wes have learned about these advanced toilet seats.  You’ll be glad you did!

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