Oscars Gift Bag Includes $275 Toilet Paper

Oscar's Toilet Paper 300x240The 2016 Oscars will be remembered as the year “Spotlight” won Best Picture, and Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning his first Oscar for Best Actor.  But it will also be remembered as the year the Academy gave away $275 toilet paper!

You may have already heard about the famous gift bags that are handed out during the annual awards show.  This year’s gift bag was valued at over $200,000.  The luxury toilet paper for the stars, is manufactured by Swiss company, Joseph’s Toiletries.  Included in the gift bag was their “Welcomer” package which includes seven tissue refills which include 25 sheets a piece.  That works out to 175 sheets of toilet paper for $275, or $1.57 per sheet.  Now that’s an expensive visit to the bathroom!

But this isn’t your typical two-ply, extra soft Charmin.  According to the Joseph’s Toiletries website, it is made of tender virgin new-growth cellulose fibers and has a quilted surface.  The toilet paper also has an integrated absorbent core and is fully flush-able.  Their site also recommends moistening the sheets with their wet cleanser for a gentle, effective and refreshing cleansing, as shown in the illustration below:

Oscar's Toilet Paper 600x200

But we here at bidetsPLUS have a better solution for you:  forego the $275 toilet paper and use water instead!  A spray of water from one of our bidet seats will provide you with a comfortable, hygienic cleaning – which is far superior to Joseph’s Toiletries’ expensive paper.  Simply press the “wash” button which extends the spray nozzle beneath you and starts the wash.  Nothing touches you except water.  When done, you can even use the bidet’s built-in warm air dryer and make it a hands-free experience.  Now that’s luxury!

Take advantage of the bidetsPLUS 30 Day Trial Program and try a bidet seat in your home for 30 days.  Using a bidet seat will be a lot cheaper than stocking up on Joseph’s Toiletries – we can promise you that.  You’ll feel cleaner and more refreshed than a Hollywood star.


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