NYC Hotel Offers Bidet Seats in Every Room

With the growing popularity of bidet seats in the United States, savvy travelers are busy checking hotel FAQ sheets to see if their rooms come equipped with the latest in bathroom tech.  Hotel Kitano New York – located in Midtown Manahattan, is the latest hotel to upgrade their rooms to include bidet toilet seats.  But while most hotels reserve them for luxury suites, Hotel Kitano has taken it a step further.  They’ve installed bidet seats in ALL 149 guest rooms.  You can read the original article here:

Sometimes referred to as a “Japanese Toilet Seat,” these high-tech units use a pleasant warm-water spray to clean you after using the toilet.  Water temperature, water pressure, and spray position are all adjustable with the handy wireless remote control.  Other popular features include a warmed toilet seat, air dryer, and automatic air purifier.

While the bidet concept is still relatively new in the States, bidets are very common outside of North America.  In fact – if you told an Italian that you use dry paper, they would look at you funny.  They would ask, “Why don’t you use water to clean yourself?  You take showers, no?”  (Now of course – they would say it in a beautiful way as Italians are known to speak like they are singing).

Scott McCain, an author and speaker from Fishers, Indiana tried one recently with his wife while staying at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas.  Aria has bidet toilet seats installed in more than 500 suites.

“We laughed at it, couldn’t imagine why anyone would have such a contraption, vowed it was the silliest thing we had ever seen — until we used it,” he says. “Then, we started looking to see what it would cost to install in our home.”

Aria’s not the only Vegas hotel with bidet toilet seats installed.  You’ll also find them at Bellagio, the Venetian, and Mirage hotels as well.  And right here in Los Angeles, (woot, woot! – we’re all Angelenos here at bidetsPLUS), you can find them at the Peninsula Hotel and Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.

So, as you can see…  the adoption of bidet toilet seats is on the rise.  Americans are starting to discover what the rest of the world already knows – washing with water is the best way to clean!  It’s not a cultural thing, it’s a human thing.  So before you book your next hotel room, give the front desk a call and see if they provide the comfort and hygiene of a bidet seat in your room.  You’ll be glad you did!



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