New Infographic on Bidet Seats vs. Toilet Paper

toilet paper pyramid 330 x 330The pyramid in the picture to the left was built from 386 rolls of toilet paper.  According to research we conducted, the average American consumes 23.6 rolls of TP per year.  Using some simple math, this means the average family of four will consume this “386 Roll Pyramid” in 4 years.

Here’s something else to thing about.  TP manufacturers can produce 810 rolls of toilet paper from one tree.  So it basically took 1/2 a tree to construct this “386 Roll Pyramid.”  Another way to say it – a family of four consumes 1/2 a tree every 4 years, in the form of toilet paper.  Now multiply that by the millions of families that live in the United States.  It is staggering the amount of toilet paper Americans consume.

Doesn’t that seem wasteful?  Not only in terms of the money you spend on toilet paper.  But in terms of the trees destroyed every year?  If you do the math, that’s over 9 million trees Americans go thru annually, just on toilet paper.  9 million trees a year!

bidetsPLUS is pleased to introduce our new infographic illustrating these points in an easy-to-understand format.  Here is a link so you can check it out:  Bidet Seat Infographic.  We have also included it at the bottom of this blog post for you to see.

These eye-opening statistics really show that America is not the most resourceful, when it comes to bathroom habits.  We talk about all these high-tech ways of being more environmentally friendly.  Like watching our carbon emissions, lowering greenhouse gases, and driving hydrogen cars.  But if we just took a moment to realize – that simply reducing our reliance on toilet paper, can have a HUGE effect on our environment over the course of our lifetime.  It would make a HUGE difference.

A bidet seat drastically reduces toilet paper consumption because it uses water to clean you after using the restroom.  When you activate the bidet, a nozzle extends beneath you and starts the wash feature.  When done – the nozzle rinses itself off, and retracts back into the bidet seat.  Nothing touches you except water.

And because bidet seats use water to clean you, toilet paper is then used just for drying purposes.  Bidet seats can reduce your toilet paper consumption by 75% or more.  If you have a couple minutes to sit thru the dry cycle (bidet seats come equipped with a warm air dryer), bidet seats can reduce toilet paper use completely.  Not only are bidet seats cleaner, more hygienic, and more comfortable…  they’re a whole lot better for our world.  Seriously.



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