Kohler Releases $6,400 Numi Toilet Bidet – Really?

Kohler announced the launch of their Numi toilet bidet.  You can get one for $6,400.  Read more here:  http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-20054018-1.html

Are they serious?  Granted, Kohler’s new product is an integrated bidet-and-toilet-in-one, but give us a break.  $6,400?!  At bidetsPLUS you can get a bidet toilet seat that easily attaches to your existing toilet, with prices ranging from $399 to $599.  Now that’s a deal if we’ve ever seen one.

Most of the bidet seats at bidetsPLUS come with a wireless remote control, just like the Kohler Numi has.  The Numi does have an automatic-opening seat and an mp3 music player, but we recommend you save $6,000 and just shop at bidetsPLUS.  With $6,000 extra bucks lying around, you can get a brand new home entertainment system instead!

Learn more about the easy-to-install bidet seat, available at bidetsPLUS.  Visit www.bidetsplus.com today!

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