HUMOR: 911 Call for Running Out of Toilet Paper?!

empty toilet roll 250x243A bathroom “emergency” in the UK has garnered a bit more attention than the so-called victim bargained for and is being used as an example by authorities of what not to do.  The Devon and Cornwall Police in England received a phone call to their 999 emergency phone number (similar to 911 in the US) from a man who had run out of toilet paper.  That’s right – his lack of TP prompted him to call for emergency assistance.  You can listen to the recording here:

Clearly the man did not have a bidet seat in his bathroom.  If only he had installed a bidet toilet seat with its cleansing spray of water and warm air dryer, his harrowing experience could have been avoided.

The operator couldn’t hide the disbelief in her voice that the caller had dialed 999 for such a non-emergency reason, and to his credit the caller quickly apologized.  But not before the call was recorded.  The recording of the call was posted by the police on YouTube as an example of abuse of the emergency system.  Of course, many people who don’t have bidet seats can probably relate to the feeling of panic the caller must have had in the bathroom.  Luckily nobody was hurt during the emergency, though the caller was undoubtedly and deservedly very embarrassed.

The next time you run out of toilet paper in the bathroom, instead of calling your local emergency number just give us a call at bidetsPLUS.  We have a variety of top-of-the-line bidet seats that can save you from the horrors of being stranded without toilet paper!

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