How To Customize Your Bidet Seat

Did you know that wash settings on your bidet seat can be customized?  The ability to dial in your wash settings is a great feature of the modern electronic bidet, and really helps maximize comfort and hygiene.  In today’s blog post we’ll teach you what these settings are and how to customize them:

  • Wash Nozzle Position – You can move the position of the wash nozzle more forward or more backward to best suit your body.  Most bidet seats have 4 – 5 different nozzle position settings, with 1/2 inch increments between each setting.  This means you have about 2 – 3 inches of adjustablility so you can find the nozzle position that feels right for you.
  • Water Temperature – Let’s face it, most of us don’t like cold showers.  Luckily, bidet seats today have a built-in water heater so you can customize the water temperature to a comfortable setting.  These settings range from room temperature to about 104 degrees (fahrenheit).
  • Water Pressure – You can turn up or turn down the pressure of water coming out of the wash nozzles.  Some people prefer a stronger spray while others prefer something lighter.
  • Air Dry – You’ll find that your bidet seat has an air dryer to help with residual moisture after washing.  You can adjust the strength of the air dry fan to accelerate drying time.

All of these settings are easily customized via the control panel (or remote control) of your bidet seat.  Just find the appropriate feature and use the up/down arrows to make your settings adjustments.

We hope you learned something new about the modern electronic bidet seat today.  They are truly amazing and a great way to upgrade your bathroom experience.  Bidet seats are more comfortable, more hygienic, and are also eco-friendly because they reduce toilet paper waste.  You can learn more about the bidet toilet seat by visiting


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