How Bidets Can Help Seniors and the Disabled

bidets help seniors disabled 300x198Bidet toilet seats are known to provide a cleaner and more hygienic experience after using the restroom.  Many people install them in their homes because of the more soothing and comfortable wash they provide as opposed to dry toilet paper.  However, a bidet can offer a lot more than just a more comfortable cleaning experience for those suffering from a variety of medical issues.

Seniors can find it hard to use the bathroom on their own because of issues ranging from arthritis to Fibromyalgia.  For anyone suffering from ALS, it can become very difficult to do normal daily activities due to the loss of muscle strength and motor control.  The basic tasks of hygiene that we may take for granted can become too physically demanding to perform without assistance.  Needing to have someone help clean you can feel awkward and embarrassing which shouldn’t be the case for a basic necessity.

A bidet seat is a simple way to help those with physically-limiting issues by offering a hands-free cleaning option.  The spray nozzle extends when you are ready and sprays a cleansing stream of water from below.  Several models have a remote control which allows a person to engage wash features with the press of a button.  Most electronic bidet seats also have a built-in warm air dryer to help dry off after cleaning.  A bidet seat can help people fighting mobility issues clean themselves without assistance so they can regain some of their independence in the bathroom.

Washing with water is better than using toilet paper regardless of physical needs or limitations.  However for people who are dealing with medical issues that affect their life in the bathroom, a bidet seat can provide both physical and psychological relief, because it helps them go to the bathroom by themselves again.  You can visit to learn about our various bidet seats, including accessories such as seat risers and safety frames, to help you or your family member.

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