High Tech Toilets on the Rise in U.S.

bidet toilet seatThe latest and greatest gadgets have long been snatched up quickly by tech-savvy consumers in the US, but there’s one place Americans have been lagging behind much of the world when it comes to tech upgrades: their toilet.  But recent research indicates that Americans are starting to come around to the idea of bringing the efficiency and improved cleaning of high end bidet toilet seats and smart toilets into their bathrooms.

According to a recent article in Barrons.com, the market research organization The Fredonia Group anticipates a projected annual growth of 8.5% over the next five years for electronic toilets in the US.  That’s a lot of upgraded bathrooms!  The growth in popularity of electronic bidet toilet seats actually makes a lot of sense as the master bathroom is an area homeowners are spending more money on when doing renovations.

One high tech toilet mentioned in the article goes for over $10,000, but fortunately not all high end toilet technology is that pricey.  Electric bidet toilet seats packed with heated seats, warm air dryers, and lots of adjustable wash features are available for $400 – $800.  For example, the popular Bio Bidet BB 2000 Bliss from features tons of high end features including a hybrid water heating system which combines the technology of the reservoir tank system and the tankless heating system.

If you are doing a bathroom renovation and are looking for a full toilet and bidet unit in one, check out the IB 835 for a streamlined design with a concealed tank for a “tankless” look all with a fully functioning bidet that fits seamlessly with the toilet.  Or if you’ve already got the toilet you want and just need the washlet, you can review the features on our various models on our comparison chart.  And for added peace of mind, you can choose one of our seats covered under our 30 Day Risk Free Trial, so you can try it out worry free and make sure you find the right model that works for you and your new and improved bathroom!

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