Give a Bidet to Win Best Gift of the Season

Here in the midst of the holiday season, last-minute shoppers and belated-gift givers are often going down to the wire and beyond with their Christmas gifts for certain friends and family members because they simply don’t know what to get them. We all know those people who love to keep up with the latest tech gadgets and best new items for the home and seem to have everything already, so it can be tough to find the right gift for them. But here’s the perfect gift for them: a brand new electric bidet!

Bidet seats are extremely popular this time of year and make a great gift that is at once unique and practical. Many of our customers return to buy bidet seats as gifts for friends and family who have tried their seat and loved it. During the chilly winter months, the electric models are especially popular with their warming features such as heated seat, warm air dryer and warm water with adjustable temperature settings. While they are still not as common in the US as they are in many other countries where having a bidet in the home is the norm, these seats are slowly becoming more popular with Americans who are learning about the improved hygiene and healthier cleaning a bidet offers.

For everyone who has used one before, you already know how much better a bidet is than using toilet paper. It seems a bit odd that we wash with water in every other instance, but are just now starting to come around to the idea of using water to wash after using the bathroom. The top units on the market today are well-designed, high-tech and user-friendly with sleek modern designs that look great in any bathroom. Plus, with our 30 Day Risk Free Trial program, you can have an added bit of insurance in case your gift isn’t a hit. Based on our experience, however, rather than not liking the gift, most new bidet owners tell us they can’t believe they waited this long to change their bathroom habits for the better!

We have several models to choose from with a variety of features you can see here on our comparison chart. If you’re still looking to find that perfect gift to wow someone during the holiday season, look no further than bidetsPLUS!

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