For Sale: Willie Nelson’s Bidet

Willie Nelson's BidetMamas, don’t let your babies grow up to use dry toilet paper. All right, we admit that writing classic country music songs isn’t our forte here at bidetsPLUS. But if Willie Nelson is selling a bidet, we thought we’d take a shot at amending his lyrics for the occasion.

According to a blog article from the Austin Statesman newspaper, there will be an online auction selling some of Willie Nelson’s belongings, including his gold plated bidet. The article states that the items being auctioned have been in storage for the past 26 years after the country music legend’s house in Evergreen, Colorado, and all of the home’s contents were purchased by investors following a bout of financial trouble with the IRS. Now these items will be auctioned off to fans online.

Fans of Mr. Nelson can bid on items including handwritten song lyrics, letters from celebrities, photographs and a variety of miscellaneous personal items including his “Vintage Gold Plated Bidet.” The auction is run by Backstage Auctions, a boutique auction house that specializes in rock and roll memorabilia. While the opening auction price for some of the music-related pieces such as handwritten lyrics are at $1,000 or more, you can snag his gold plated bidet for only $250.

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