Five Easy Ways to Rejuvenate Your Bathroom

rejuvenate bathroomThe bathroom is quite possibly the hardest working room in any home. From the time you wake up in the morning to get ready for the day to brushing your teeth before going to back to bed at night – along with all the pit stops in between – your bathroom is your home’s hygienic heart. And while you feel fresh, clean and renewed after using the bathroom, over the years your bathroom can seem old and drab and out of date. Besides being such a functional necessity, the bathroom is also integral to the value of your home. So even if you aren’t looking to undertake a full-scale renovation, here are five do-it-yourself ways you can update your bathroom without breaking the bank.

The first thing you might try is giving your bathroom a paint job. Freshly painted walls can help update the look of any room. Interior design experts recommend keeping the paint color neutral, then adding more vibrant colors if you like with various accessories. The second trick designers suggest is simple organization. Eliminating loose items and adding containers to hold supplies can help if your bathroom feels too cluttered. Adding some storage bins for smaller items and baskets for larger items like towels can help make your bathroom feel more comfortable and look more attractive without spending much money.

Adding more modern hardware in your bathroom is another great idea for making your bathroom feel new without a big renovation. Features like new towel bars and cabinet knobs or handles can replace old hardware for a fresh look. You can also update items like the shower head or faucet for a better look and improved function. Accent items lie new towels and bathmats can also brighten things up by adding a bit of color or simply freshen up an old worn mat or towel.

We also suggest updating your bathroom’s lighting. Having the right lighting is important for a lot of our grooming, especially things like putting on makeup. To go along with new lighting, replacing your mirror with a pivot mirror, which can be tilted up or down on a hinge, is another way to add a bit of functionality and change the appearance at the same time.

And if we are talking about updating the look and function of your bathroom, we would also suggest installing a new bidet toilet seat.  The do-it-yourself installation makes a bidet seat an easy upgrade that adds the health and hygiene benefits of washing with water. Many models also include other great modern amenities such as a heated seat, warm air dryer, and night light. You can check out our comparison chart to learn more and be on your way to breathing new life into your old bathroom!


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