Fitting Tip: Is My Toilet Round or Elongated?

All of the bidet seats in our store come in two sizes – round and elongated.  You should order a bidet that matches your toilet, e.g., order an elongated bidet seat if you have an elongated toilet.  Click on the for the “Will a Bidet seat fit my toilet?” link at the top of each of our product pages for a fitting guide, but here’s a quick tip:

To determine if your toilet is round or elongated, locate the two mounting holes behind your existing toilet seat (these mounting holes secure your existing seat to the toilet).  Measure the distance from the center of the mounting holes, to the front outside edge of the toilet bowl.  If the measurement here is 17 inches or less, you have a round toilet.  If it’s 17.5 inches or more, you have an elongated toilet.

Now that you know how to determine your toilet type, visit to learn about the industry-leading Coway BA-13 bidet.  The Coway BA-13 is one of the most advanced toilet bidets available on the market, with stainless steel nozzles and even a nozzle sterilization feature.  We have a special promotion going on right now on the Coway BA-13 bidet, so visit our site today for the details!

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