Coway Brings Modern Bidet Seats to Saudi Arabia

Coway, the manufacturer of bidetsPLUS’ popular Coway BA13, has partnered with United Yousef M. Naghi Co. to introduce modern electronic bidet seats to Saudi Arabia.  You can read the full story here.

In Saudi Arabia, bidets are found in more than 90% of homes, hotels, and other residences across the country.  The typical bidet in Saudi Arabia however, is the older basin-type bidet, which is a separate porcelain fixture that sits next to the toilet (you may have seen these types of bidets during your travels to Europe).  Migrating to the modern electronic bidet was really just a matter of time, and it looks like this new deal with Coway will instigate the upgrading of tens of thousands of bidets in Saudi Arabia over the coming years.

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