Convert Your Toilet to a High-Tech Toilet

bidet seatTechnology has infiltrated all aspects of modern life, and the bathroom is not to be excluded.  Smart toilets that are loaded with high end features have become very popular in new home construction as well as full bathroom renovations.  But what if you want to upgrade your existing toilet rather than completely gut your bathroom?  In a recent advice article from master contractor Ed Del Grande, he offers a great piece of advice for homeowners looking to turn their existing commode into a high tech toilet: install an electric bidet seat.

In the article, a new homeowner on a budget asks about converting his existing toilet into a “toilet from the future” like one he had seen on television.  As he answers in his column, bidet toilet seats can be installed on your current toilet which saves you money as well as the headache of a full-on renovation required if you were to replace your toilet.  Smart toilets or integrated bidet/toilet combinations can cost several thousands of dollars.  So the most economical way to get the “smart toilet” features such as heated seat, deodorizer, night light, warm air dryer, and of course nozzles that clean you with streams of water is to add an electric bidet seat.  The installation is much simpler than installing a new toilet.  In fact, most people install it themselves in 30 minutes or less without hiring a plumber or needing special tools.  So for homeowners looking to upgrade to a smart toilet while being smart with their money, a high tech seat like the Bio Bidet 2000 or Brondell Swash 1000 or any of our other models is definitely a smart move.

Of course, if you are looking to replace your toilet altogether, we do carry the integrated toilet and bidet combo unit the Bio Bidet IB 835.  You can check out all the different high tech features available on each of our units by visiting their product page, or you can visit our comparison chart.  It’s never been easier to transform your old toilet into a smart toilet with an easy-to-install bidet from bidetsPLUS!

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