Coming to a Bathroom Near You – Toilet Paper Ads!

At bidetsPLUS, we like to keep tabs on relevant and interesting news in the bath industry.  So when we came across this story about two college students starting a business in toilet paper advertising, we had to share it.  That’s right folks – advertising on toilet paper!  For the full article click here:  Toilet Paper Ads.  Otherwise, we’ve provided our own re-cap you can read below.

The idea came to Jordan Silverman as he was sitting on a toilet at the University of Michigan Library.  Why not print ads on a roll of toilet paper?  We’ve all heard of captive advertising before – think of all the little display screens you’ve seen in elevators these days or while your waiting to check out at the grocery store.  But this was a truly original idea and we all know an idea is all you need sometimes to get started in business.  So Jordan and his brother, Bryan, went ahead and founded Star Toilet Paper.  The company’s tag line…  “Don’t rush.  Look before you flush.”

The toilet paper ads are printed using soybean-based ink which the company claims is completely safe for humans.  For advertisers, the minimum order costs $99 for 20,000 ads, or about half a cent per ad.  And although it’s too early to conclude on the effectiveness of the ads, advertisers seem willing to give it a try with more than 50 companies signing up so far.  Jim Koli, a restaurant owner in Ann Arbor, MI said he tried it because “it was unique and at a certain level it was absurd enough that it would be interesting to do.”

So naturally, the marketing folks at bidetsPLUS are wondering if advertising a bidet on a roll of toilet paper would work.  Do you think advertising a bidet toilet seat on toilet paper would convince you to give it a try?  We’re going to contact Star Toilet Paper to learn more about their advertising program.  And if we end up doing it, we’ll add an update to this blog post to let you know how it goes.  So stay tuned!

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