Cold Weather Brings Cold Toilet Seats, Unless You Have a Bidet!

Cold Toilet Seat 300x300The Winter of 2013/2014 has brought with it some severe cold weather across the country.  There are road closures, cancelled airline flights, and “snow days” keeping kids from school.  But this all pales in comparison to having to sit on a cold toilet seat!  Nothing wakes you up faster in the morning than a cold toilet seat.  NOTHING!

So it’s nice that bidet seat designers were thoughtful enough to include a heated toilet seat with their products.  In fact, every bidet seat in our store includes a heated toilet seat!  The concept is similar to the seat warmers you see in luxury cars.  A nice toasty seat certainly helps take some of the bite out of winter.

The heated toilet seat feature is undoubtedly one of the most popular features of our bidets – especially during this time of year.  Seat temperature is completely adjustable via the use of the remote control (or attached control panel, depending on model).  Seat temperature settings on most seats range from room temperature all the way up to 106 degrees Fahrenheit.  And during the summer months, you can simply turn the heated seat feature off.

But let’s face it – the real reason you should be getting a bidet seat is so you can wash with water.  Washing with water is simply cleaner, more hygienic and more comfortable.  Dry paper is not very effective at cleaning your body.  The next time you get dirt on your arm, try rubbing it with dry paper.  Not very effective, is it?  And the other great thing about using water is that you’re using less paper, which means fewer trees are being cut down for toilet paper, which also leads to less paper waste.

But if that’s not enough reason for you to get a bidet seat, maybe a warmed toilet seat is!  We hope you learned a bit more about our bidet toilet seats today.  Visit us at to read more of our informative bidet seat articles, and learn more about this device which is taking America by storm.


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