Canada’s Best Bathroom Contest

Canadians sure take their bathrooms seriously.  So seriously in fact, they have an official “Canada’s Best Bathroom” contest…  and it’s going on right now!  The defending champion from last year is Vancouver’s Cactus Club Cafe.  You can read the full story here, but here’s an excerpt:

“People laugh at this contest sometimes, but if you were having guests over to your home you would most definitely clean your bathroom,” said Sabrina Zimring, survey editor of Canada’s Best Restroom contest. “People think this is such a funny thing to highlight, but it’s along the same lines as having a clean kitchen in a restaurant.”

One of the front-runners to win this year’s contest is one of Toronto’s finest restaurants, e11even.  Sam Kuhn is supervisor at e11even, and says the floor-to-ceiling marble and heated toilet seats are what sets this bathroom apart.  That’s right, e11even has upgraded all their johns with bidet toilet seats!  Now, that’s a classy bathroom.  They sure get bidetsPLUS’ vote!

Visit to see about an upgrade for your bathroom.  Learn about some of the most advanced bidet toilet seats in the world.  And who knows?  With a bidet seat, maybe you can win a Best Bathroom Contest one day too!

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