bidetsPLUS YouTube Channel Hits 900,000 Views

900K YouTube Views 145x185bidetsPLUS is pleased to announce our YouTube Channel recently passed 900,000 views!  We would like to thank all of our viewers who have helped us achieve this milestone.

Creating bidet videos was a core part of our media strategy from the very beginning.  We were scripting our videos before we even launched our site, way back in 2010.  Admittedly, our first videos weren’t that great.  But we got better and better, and kept replacing old videos with new videos as new products rolled out.  Since bidet seats are relatively new in the United States we felt it was important to show our products in action so people could see how they work.  And now to be at 900,000 views is a wonderful milestone for us and proves our media strategy worked out well.

So now we’re on our way to our millionth view!  If only there was a way to determine WHO becomes our millionth view – we would love to send them a free bidet!  We’re going to contact our friends at YouTube to see if that’s possible.  So keep watching and if you’re lucky, then maybe you’ll see a box from bidetsPLUS show up on your doorstep with a thank you card for being our millionth view.  Until then…  keep bidet’ing and spread the word about how awesome bidets are.  More and more Americans are discovering the modern electronic bidet seat, and we’re thrilled to help drive the movement.

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