bidetsPLUS Taps Social Media to Broaden Reach

You hear about it everywhere these days.  Social media has become a part of our daily lives and is a powerful way to communicate, educate, and learn about varying topics of interest.  Whether it’s keeping tabs with your friends on Facebook or following your favorite professional athletes on Twitter, the world has become more open and connected – and all in real-time speed.

Social media is a group of internet-based applications (such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube) that contain user-generated content which can be viewed by others.  Before social media, the content you enjoyed on the internet was primarily produced by professional writers and artists.  Social media has changed the landscape to where today, you can enjoy content created by your friends and the people/companies you’re most interested in.  For example – getting Facebook status updates on your friend as she goes in to deliver her first baby, or checking your Twitter feed to hear Tom Brady’s thoughts on the last Patriots’ game.

Well now…  you can follow bidetsPLUS thru a variety of social media outlets to keep tabs on what we’re up to as well!  Here are the links to bidetsPLUS’ social media pages:

Our social media activity will focus on increasing awareness of bidets in the U.S. (bidets are already very popular outside North America), and providing bidet seat education thru “how to choose” guides and comparison charts, bidet review videos, installation procedures, and tips for maintenance.  We’ll also expand beyond bidets to topics such as bathroom remodeling as well.

You can connect with us using the links above.  Like our Facebook Page and +1 us on Google+!  Follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!  We are excited to broaden our educational reach with these new and exciting avenues.  We invite you to connect with bidetsPLUS.  Cheers!


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