bidetsPLUS Featured in The Huffington Post

Huffington PostWe’re pleased to announce that bidetsPLUS was recently featured in the Huffington Post article, How American Businesses are Saving Money.  The article examines potential ways for businesses to save on expenses, and there’s a section which focuses on eco-friendly and sustainable products.  Our products were included because a bidet seat can reduce toilet paper use by 75% or more.  But not only does it save money, it saves trees as well.

The article refers to our recent bidetsPLUS Infographic which points out that over 9 million trees are destroyed every year to supply the U.S. toilet paper market.  9 million trees every year!  That is a shocking amount of trees for something that can be easily replaced with a brief spray of water.  Besides – you know that washing with water is the best way to clean your body.  So it’s better for you, better for the environment, and it’s better for your wallet.

To learn more about our electronic bidet toilet seats, visit today.  We have a wide variety of articles, videos, and how-to’s to educate you on these wonderful additions to your bathroom.  Also – check out the reviews and testimonials on our site, and hear from our customers why bidetsPLUS is your one-stop shop for everything bidet.


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