bidetsPLUS Featured in Good Magazine

good magazine 250x324We here at bidetsPLUS are always interested in finding new articles and stories about bidet toilet seats.  And we were especially excited by a recent article from Good Magazine which features bidetsPLUS!

The article entitled “It’s Time for Americans to Get Over It and Embrace the Bidet” is, as the title suggests, a call for Americans to see the many benefits of using a bidet toilet seat in their home.  The author David Sax notes the health benefits as well as the environmental benefits of using a bidet seat which have been well documented.  And despite the obvious benefits, Americans have still been slower than expected to adopt these hygienic marvels.  However, there are growing numbers of Americans beginning to see the light.  As the article cites bidetsPLUS Founder Jensen Lee, about a third of bidet buyers are purchasing them for medical reasons, another third after encountering them on vacation or a business trip, and the rest seem to be people researching bidets online.

Like the author of a New York Times article back in May, the author of the Good article is very enthusiastic about the superiority of using a bidet seats.  Despite the fact that bidets have been around for centuries and modern electronic bidet seats for decades now, many people Americans still think of them as something new and unfamiliar.  But as this article and the NYT article and countless other reviews tell us, once you use a bidet toilet seat it is something you will never want to be without again!

In addition to articles like this one praising bidets, we know how helpful it is to hear from multiple people about their experiences.  You can check out our testimonials from actual customers for more reviews from people who have discovered the benefits of life with a bidet toilet seat.

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