bidetsPLUS Featured in Article from Hive Health

We were perusing the latest articles on bidets and bidet toilet seats that made headlines in our industry recently.  While reading, we were pleasantly surprised to see somebody decided to write about us!  We didn’t even realize we were mentioned in the article until we got halfway down.  We were sitting there, reading, agreeing with the points made.  And then, bidetsPLUS was mentioned providing some background on our company and the products and services we provide.  What a surprise!  You can read it here:

The article makes a few points we couldn’t agree more with, like how bidets are more sanitary and clean.  How it can be a hands-free experience, and how bidets are eco-friendly as well being that they reduce paper waste (in the form of toilet paper).  So many benefits, all around.

The neat thing about bidets nowadays though, is that they fit right on top of your existing toilet.  When most people think of bidets, they think of the separate porcelain fixtures that sit next to the toilet (European style).  But most American homes don’t have bathrooms with enough space to accommodate a separate fixture, not to mention a separate drainage system and additional water lines.  But modern bidets are designed to simply replace your toilet seat.  Just remove your existing toilet seat, and attach your bidet seat.  It taps into the existing cold water line that refills your toilet so no additional plumbing is necessary.  And because a water heater is built right into the seat, you’ll get a pleasant warm water wash.  Bidet toilet seats do require electricity though, so find a nearby outlet to plug it in to.

To learn more about the modern bidet seat, visit to see what else a bidet can do for you.  You’ll be surprised at all the features packed into these advanced toilet seats.  As more and more people in the U.S. adopt the use of bidets, Americans are discovering a cleaner, more comfortable bathroom experience.  And considering how fast our company is growing, the word seems to be getting out.  And a BIG Thanks to Hive Health for writing about us!


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