bidetsPLUS Customer Blogs About Her Bidet

My Hearth to YoursOne of our customers, Cally Graham, ordered a bidet from us last year and loved it so much she decided to write about it on her blog.  Her blog is called “From My Hearth to Yours” and you can find her blog post about us here:

That’s a picture of Cally’s daughter to the left, holding the remote control for the bidet she purchased – the Bio Bidet BB 1000.  So cute!

It says a lot when a child is raving about her new bidet.  It also demonstrates how easy bidet seats are to operate when a four-year old can use it.  It really is a matter of pressing a couple of buttons.

Cally goes on to write about some of the features found on the Bio Bidet BB 1000 and also mentions bidetsPLUS as the store where she bought it.  She also provides some installation tips, like making sure there’s an electrical outlet nearby to plug the unit in to.  Feel free to click on her blog post and see what a real life customer has to say about our products.

We’re glad to hear your family is enjoying your bidet seat Cally!  Thanks for keeping us posted and let us know if there’s anything we can do for you down the road.



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