Bidet Toilet Seats Featured in NY Times

bidet seat ny times 220x300Bidet toilet seats sure are getting a lot of press lately!  It’s great to see our products being more accepted in the United States.  Bidets are very popular (actually the “norm”) in other parts of the world – especially in Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East.  North Americans, however, have been a little slower in embracing the bidet concept.  This is principally due to the lack of awareness of bidets in America.  We just don’t know any better.  At bidetsPLUS, we’re hard at work building awareness and educating America that bidet toilet seats exist, and making people realize that we shouldn’t be using dry, abrasive paper to clean the most sensitive parts of our bodies.

The truth of the matter is – bidets are an international phenomenon.  No matter what country you’re from, we are all human and have the same body parts.  And it’s only a matter of time before Americans discover in mass what the world already knows.  That using water is the best way to clean yourself after using the restroom.

You can read the latest NY Times article featuring bidet seats here.  The article starts with a little story about Bennett Friedman, who faced a dilemma before boarding his flight home to Manhattan from Milan.  He had to go to the bathroom, but none of the airport toilets were equipped with bidet toilet seats like he had at home.  The flight was nine hours.  He decided to wait.

The NY Times article later tells the story of Robert Aboulache who took a family trip to Japan.  He tried a bidet toilet seat for the first time, and when getting back home and using his regular commode he realized, “This is not the same.”  Three days later, Mr. Aboulache went online and purchased his very own bidet seat to install on his toilet.

These stories are REAL and we hear it from our customers time and time and again.  Once you use a bidet toilet seat, you realize how uncivilized using dry paper really is.  Not only because using water makes you feel cleaner (because you ARE cleaner), but also for the comfort a soothing water wash provides.  And when you consider all the secondary benefits of owing a bidet seat – such as the built-in warm air dryer, heated toilet seat, automatic air deodorization, and a big reduction in your toilet paper use (which saves money, trees, and landfills) you’ll wish that you had only tried one earlier in life.

When you try a bidet seat, you too will have that “A-ha” moment.  Take advantage of our 30 Day Risk Free Trial Program and experience it for yourself.  Improve the quality of your life by trying a bidet seat today.  You won’t regret it.  Promise.

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